Arsalan Shahid
4 min readDec 18, 2020


“Cleanling & Organizing is a practice not a project.”

When it comes to keeping your home in order, cleanliness and organization are pretty important.When somebody first enters your place of work, they immediately judge everything. Even those with a less judgemental attitude do this.

So to clean and organize the surrounding is very important.

So, as per the project when i was reading the project,i was in my room and my room was very messed up(Matlb Bilkul na dekhna ka qabil)😥

I then planned to clean and organize my room because i personally don’t like things messed up but because of tight scehdule i wasn’t able to do this. Because of AMAL Project i got this time to do so.🙏😂

There are three areas which need to be organized. So i divided the whole mess in 3 portions.

I started cleaning my first portion( mere fav jagah my bed 😂😴 ).

I changed the bed sheets and folded blankets in proper way. I used word blankets because it’s very cold now days😜.

After doing this my bed becomes tidy and looked owsome. You can see that below:

Then i started second portion ( Things aside my bed ).

There are many boxes and my other gadgets which are very important to me but they were not in good manner.

I arranged everything, every single box and used a designed paper to cover the uper portion and then arranged things on it in proper manner. After this, it looks like:

At the end i did third portion and did dusting on LED and Table.

It was important beacuse when i need to watch on it, because of that dust on screen, the picture will not be so much clear and glorious to me.

So after cleaning and dusting it looks like this:

After all this, i felt very pleasent while standing in my own room. It looks very preety and tidy to the eyes of anyone who will see my room. Here is the full view of my room after cleaning and organizing everything:

After completing the task, even wile doing this , i felt very pleasent and motivated. Because working in an untidy place isn’t exactly going to motivate or make you comfortable with your surroundings.

And if Amal didn’t asked me to do so, i will never do this at the same time because i was very busy in office work. I will do this in an other time definately. Sometimes i just ignore the most important things which actually mean alot.

So from today i’ll make promice to my self that, i will never ignore cleanliness and organization of surroundings.

This activity make me realize that, keep your home or work place clean, tiddy and organized because these things say alot about your leadership style, neat and tidy home, personal appearance, and workplace often says that you are a strong leader that follows the rules by the book. It also says that you focus heavily on achieving results, meeting goals, and growing your career. This leadership style is demanding and often comes with a lot of stress.

After completing this activity, i feel very responsible, because i already know about the meaning of cleanliness but today i learnt a new meaning of it. With this i feel like i am a leader with no authority. I can lead my self with in my room and can do so much.

Last but not the least…

Cleanliness is next to goodliness !

Thankyou for reading.