Arsalan Shahid
6 min readFeb 4, 2021


Its the health, Which is the real wealth.

In PAKISTAN, the mortality rate among the rural areas is way much higher than urban areas. The reason behind this lack of education, affordability, awareness, unavailability of medical centers and also their casual attitude towards their health.

Source: JPMA( Journal of Pakistan Medical Association).

REASON: To overcome this problem, the people from rural areas need awareness, access to affordable medical clinics and medicines too. Most importantly they need trustworthy people to relay on and can contact them in any emergency regarding their health issues. Although many organizations are working on it but we want to do this in a different way and fulfill the needs of that areas which are still left unaddressed.

MISSION: To develop a network which create a bridge between a patient and health care professional. We want to cover the maximum areas by starting a project in which we will provide a complete treatment to the people(Checkup + Medicine + Screening + Follow-up). Where Patients can easily approach and get their diseases cured. Also there will be a great opportunity for those doctors who are unemployed or running their clinics but want to increase the number of patients.

PLAN: We have planned for this network and named it SEHAT YAB PAKISTAN. Firstly we arranged a meeting of circle members and took opinion from everyone and noted them. As per the current condition due to covid-19 some of us were confused and little nervous but then we get motivation from one quote, which you can see from the given link below;

So, we all want to be the “BARA INSAN” by supporting those people who need our support. We made list of all the tasks and then divided into all the circle members as they wish to do. We made an action plan of 8 weeks so that we will be able to execute our first camp in FEBRUARY 2nd week.

Determination can the seen from the smiles


MEDICINE LISTING: Hifza was supposed to do this task and make a list of all the medicine which we will need in our camps to cover the maximum segments.

AREA IDENTIFICATION: Sultan was supposed to do this task because it is really important to identify the best area where people actually need our services. To identify this, Sultan went to those areas in person and finalize 5 top areas.

DOCTORS & MEDICAL COMPANIES ENGAGMENT: I (Arsalan) decided to take this responsibility and went to the doctors and medical companies to discuss my idea with them and also highlight their own benefits for developing their interest. Because without them we are unable to do the camps.

MARKETING & ADVERTISMENT: Ali was supposed to do this task because this the most important task. With out marketing we will never get the maximum pool of patients and findings from other people as well. So Ali is supposed to advertise our camp in that area a week before our camp. He is also responsible for printing matters like (Prescription PADS and Banners).

PATIENT RECOVERY DATA FORMAT AND TRANSPOTATION: Tayyaba Took this initiative and supposed to design a format from patient recovery data format. Because after the camp we will take a follow-up from the patients until they will get recover. In case of emergency Tayyaba will help the patient to link the patient with concerning doctor. She is also responsible to arrange a transport for our team.

VLOGS & COVERAGE OF CAMP: Atka is responsible to cover all the camp and make a short clip of every activity during camp. Also record the patients responses after their checkup. This will help us to market our Project to all over the world and to get funding from them, so that we will be able to continue this program. She is also responsible to make a presentation to collect funding from big bodies like FCCI (Faisalabad Chamber Of Commerce & Industries) and PASBAN Group.

FUNDS & EXPENCES MANAGMENT: Targhoot is supposed to manage the accounts. All the funding which we will have and all the expenses which we will do for camp. After every camp he is supposed to give a report of all the expenses and balance payment. He will collect 100RS from every patient before checkup.



We have completed the medicine listing and also engaged the medical companies who will give us donation of medicines, But there are still some medicines which we will buy from market. We have finalized the team of doctors (i.e. DR ROMANA KHIZAR & DR EHTASHAM HAMEED) a physiotherapist (i.e. DR ASIM ANWAR) and also a nutritionist (i.e. HIFZA SHEBAZ). We have also finalized 3 areas which are CHAK 133JB, HASILPUR and VEHARI 187JB. We have also developed an official website and Facebook page for advertisement. Links are given below:

We have also designed a cost structure of 1st camp which is about 70,000 RS almost and we collected funds 38,000 RS(i.e. HIFZA=5000, ATKA=6000, SULTAN=10000, ARSALAN=6000, ALI= 6500 & TARGHOOT=4500) yet and still working on it. We used social media platform and also did one to one meetings with different people for the funds. We have also completed the design and printing work of prescription pads and screening slips.

PUMFLIT used to get funding from social media
Everyone is trying to give his/her 100% and going extra mile by one to one meetings.
Prescription PADS and Screening SLIPS printed with PROJECT NAME.


From the first meeting, we as a circle was on the same page regarding the performance of this project. There were different suggestions in other circles that we should go out and ask people directly or go to someplace where people get together and we will ask them for donations. We as a circle was sure that we are not going outside and will try our best to collect as much as we can without going anywhere physically.

We reached hundreds of people but no one even bothers to reply. The major issue was people view our statuses and posts and rather than saying we are going to donate or not they just send us thumbs up.

So, we decided to go outside and meet everyone in person. Because this was the only way to get out from this.


We have done almost 80% of our preparations but we are lacking in fundings brcause we have a deficit of 32,000 RS. For this we are trying to meet the president of FCCI and most probably they will meet us in next coming week and we have prepared a complete report which we will present to him. We have also arranged a meeting with CEO of PASBAN IT Group for fundings held on 11of Feb. We all circle members will go and meet them both. Secondly in coming week we will start sticking banners and mosque announcements in CHAK 133JB, where we will do our first camp. Along with all this we will arrange a meet up of all circle members and before this everyone is supposed to complete their individual tasks. On meet up we will finalize all the things (i.e. Medicines, Doctors, Camp arrangments, meal mangment and transportation).

We will execute our 1st camp on 20th of FEBRUARY and then 2nd camp on 28th of FEBRUARY.