Arsalan Shahid
3 min readJan 2, 2021


A Time Managment Technique !!


Pomodoro is a sauce made from tomatoes typically served with pasta. Now coming towards the Pomodoro technique it was invented by Francesco Cirillo. He uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length. Each interval is known as a Pomodoro. After every 25 minutes there will be a short break of 2 to 3 minutes. (Source: Google)

We can eat the frog with a POMODORO?

I am preety sure that all of us when see this pictute or line, we will laugh for once but if we go deeper in this, we will get a fruitfull and productive technique to manage our tasks and time too. I when came to know about this technique, i was like (Shit yar yeh kam pehla pata hota to aj kafi zindagi asan hote😂) but anyhow now i started using this technique and making my time more productive and usefull.

Defeating PROCRASTINNATION with Pomodoro technique:

Procrastination is someting which distracts you and your focus on the things which you set to do. It is like a force which makes you lazy and then you started postponing and delaying tasks which you planned to do today.

We can defeat this by using pomodoro easily. I experienced it and it was very mych easy and helpfull. Let me show you my experince and i’ll hope that, it will be helpfull to you too.


I have my office work and i was supposed to do this in every cost because it was very urgent. I used pomodoro technique and do following steps.

1- Open Timer on my mobile and set a timer if 25 mins.

2- Draw 4 boxes (Time Intervals)

3- Its my habit to see my phone screen again and again while doing work. When i was doing this technique this habit was very helpfull for me. I tick the first boz when timer stopped after 25mins.

Then i take 3 to 4 mins break before next 25 mins interval. This breaks gives me a coushion and boost me up for next.

Then i again start timer and agin after 25mins of timer i ticked on 2nd box and then this process continued for 4 intervals because i divided my work in 4 portions. Each portion took 1 interval of 25 mins.


This technique makes me more efficent and good in time managment. I learned how to make my time more productive and how to focus on my specific task.

I actually learned the value of time with this task and technique. As we all know that:

Time is the most valuable thing, a man can spend!

Thank you.