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We have planned for the network and named it SEHAT YAB PAKISTAN.

Progress On Mega Project

Planning & Organizing:

After we decided that we are going to execute our 1st camp on 18th of Feb, which was planned on 20th of Feb, the very next step was planning the whole process and organizing the key resources so we could achieve our task effectively and efficiently.

We held a meeting asap and broke down the whole camp into smaller units of tasks. To efficiently organize the camp, we allocated duties to each circle member according to their set of skills.

Screenshot of Zoom meeting

After statistical analysis and long debates, our 1st camp was arranged in the following way:-

  • Overall Purpose include
    * Medicine Finalization
    * Coordination and Collaborating with Doctors
    * Social Media and Promotion
    * Funding
    * Working on Sustainability
  • Specific Purpose includes
    * Execution of Camp On Finalized Date(18–2–2021)
    * Measuring Impact
    * Recording Activities Performed
    * Editing and Finalizing of Presentation.

Work In Progress

Till now we have executed our 1st camp. The work completed is described in the following points.


We have done our camp in CHAK 49JB with Dr Romana Khizar & Dr Sobia Ikhlaq. Camp was arranged in BHU (Basic Health Unit) of that area. The Staff of that BHU was also evolved equally in the camp and helped us in different manners.

Before Starting our CAMP, Outside BHU with DR ROMANA KHIZAR

Medicine Arrangement:

Before starting our camp we arranged all the medicine in a proper manner so that every one can find the medicines easily. Also finalized the space for screening of patients.

Arrangement Of Medicine According To The Segments


The most important part of our camp, we were expecting 50 to 60 patients but because of mosque announcements and advertisement, there was a huge flow of patients but by the help of staff and members we obliged 133 patients in a very proper manner.

Everyone Performing Their Assigned Task Efficiently & Flow Of Patients Can Be Seen in Pictures

Screening of Patients & Medicine Distribution:

Before checkup from the doctor and before getting a diet plan, every patient was supposed to pass through the screening phase of RBS(Random Glucose Screening), Cholesterol, Blood Pressure and Weight.

Process Of Screening by ARSALAN & TAYYABA

After their detailed checkup, every patient got medicine regarding their acute & Chronic diseases. Patients with acute diseases get 15 days medicine and with chronic diseases, they get 1 month medicine.

Smiles of Patients ( Kids and Old people) After Getting A Hope In Shape Of Medicine. Task done by Whole Circle Among the Doctor too.

Impact On People:

We made an impact on almost 133 patients and aware them regarding their health issues. They appreciated our services, health awareness camps and doctors as well. The impact of our camp on every patient’s life can be seen from following clips, Please watch it;


It is one of the most important and core part of any project or business venture. The whole project after execution depends on this single pillar. Stronger the sustainability plan stronger will be the chances of success and the project will enjoy high chances of ongoing concern.

For our project, we have a full-proof plan for sustainability. Highlights of the plan are following;

  • Adding more and more donors
    * Reviewing and updating, FACEBOOK and WIX page.
    * Introducing new techniques on camping.
    * Once we reach a set number of subscribers, followers and donors we will add more people as volunteer and internee in our group and will do more than 1 camp at a time in different places.
    * By fixing the entry fees in a camp (i.e. 100RS/ patient) we will get enough funding itself for next camp.

After this camp we collected 13,300RS from patients by fixing 100RS per patient. This will also be used in next camp.

Counting Donation After The Camp Got From Patients

We thanks to Amal Academy for giving us an opportunity that we started thinking for others and realizing that how much the problems of society affect people.

Paying Thank You to AMAL ACADEMY from CIRCLE 2

We also want to pay thanks to our doctors especially Dr Romana & Team for helping us so much, without their support we could never do this.

Last but not the least i want to thank all the members of CIRCLE 2 (My Team❤) , for their efforts and hard work to make this camp successful.

“He who serves the most, reaps the most.”– Jim Rohn

Thanks for Reading.